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Conflict Resolution Toolkit

Your secret weapon for finding solutions in times of tension and keeping your project moving forward to the outcome you want.
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Do you freeze up, shut down or go off if things get heated with staff, contractors or clients?

Ever catch yourself thinking “I should have said…” or wishing that a rough conversation went better?

Wondering the best way to move things forward from conflict to a more positive, productive place?


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Wouldn’t you feel powerful if you had a resource with PROVEN techniques

to resolve disputes - or even turn them into a chance to grow?
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Conflict Resolution Toolkit

Your #1 resource for turning bad attitudes, disagreements and conflicts into opportunities. 

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or get the bundle

Priming Handbook AND Conflict Resolution Toolkit BUNDLE

Get both resources for one great price and be prepared for the before, the during and the after of any challenge you'll face in your work relationships.

550$ VALUE FOR $50 USD
Absolutely enlightening. I appreciate the honest information.
Kurtis Arnold

Why we created this resource

  • Owners, contractors and tradespeople with these skills are setting themselves apart as the kind of people clients want to work with again and again. 
  • You've had enough pep talks- you need the proven techniques and tips that will improve communication at every level of your career or business.
  • An industry of people with these skills is an industry that gets things done, and done well. At the end of the day, we all want to be proud of what we've accomplished. Mastery is the name of the game and these are real tools to help you get there.

Meet the Creators 

Natasha Grey, Masters in Clinical Psychology:  
"I bring a unique perspective on workplace dynamics from my experience as a psychotherapist. Additionally, interviewing great minds - from NY Times bestselling authors to CEO's of large organizations - for The Conscious Living podcast, founding and running multiple businesses and teaching meditation are all experiences that have contributed to these lessons!"
Casey Grey, founder of The Conscious Builder:
"When I started out in construction, Natasha was in school for Psychology. I remember telling her I didn’t need to know that stuff. Now I’m eating my words, because it’s about 90% of what I do and a massive part of what keeps The Conscious Builder going strong through every challenge we face!"
You guys are genius, thank for the inspiration!

Get it today

Get it today

Get it today

Get it today

Get it today

Get the download today and it'll be a go-to in your toolkit for life. 

Conflict is a bumpy road on the path to your goals. Here's your new set of quality shocks and struts.

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