The Ultimate Hiring Handbook

Hiring mistakes can hurt a business, draining energy and finances. The wrong hire decreases productivity, can lower morale, and spoil company culture. Recruiting, screening, and training new employees is also a time-consuming and expensive process.

This simple, straightforward and value-packed digital resource is a step-by-step guide to make building the best team simple. Easily navigate the hiring process, avoid costly mistakes, find and keep the right talent for your organization!

What's Included?

  • 1 Simple Step-By-Step Process, Including Valuable Insights and Tips
  • 9 Short Modules to Walk You Through it All- From Recruiting To Retention
  • 7 Downloadable PDF Checklist Resources to Simplify Your Interviews and Onboarding

Hiring Right: The Key to Cutting Costs and Boosting Productivity

This tool covers recruiting, screening, interviewing, offering, onboarding, culture building, retention, and problem-solving in a simple, straightforward format to help your company find and retain the right talent for a more successful business and more confidence in your hiring decisions.

Don't Let Employee Turnover Drain Your Bottom Line 

Hiring mistakes can be costly, using up valuable energy, time and money. The wrong hire hurts productivity, morale, and company culture. Our handbook helps you avoid costly mistakes, save time and brainpower, and get on with your work.
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Discover Everything You Need In This Streamlined Resource

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Build an environment that allows your team and business to thrive

Take It From Our Amazing Team

"I want to applaud the management team for their hiring process ... very attuned to the value of company culture. They won't hire you simply because of your skills, you need to fit their team and share their values. This is outside the norm of many construction companies."
  -Heather Wyard-Scott (Accounting)
"I am very excited to work with The Conscious Builder as their values and passion for excellence align perfectly with everything I stand for as a carpenter"
KYNAN dupras
(lead carpenter)
"It’s been a while where I felt a real team vibe at a workplace and it has just kicked in more of my motivation to work harder” 
abdu zawawi
"Working at TCB allows me to do good work while pushing the industry and culture around building towards greener and more comfortable homes. The Conscious Builder's commitment to innovative design and experimentation with building science means that everyday is an exciting opportunity to grow."
mitchell wideman
(apprentice carpenter)

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